Wasco County Finance Department
511 Washington St,
Suite 207,
The Dalles, OR 97058
Finance.... 541 506 2770
Treasury... 541 506 2772
Fax............ 541 506 2771

Hours open to Public: 9-noon and 1- 4

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Departments :: Finance

General Information:

The purpose of the Finance Department is to have Wasco's County's finances be accurate, reliable and sound. We strive to be good stewards of public funds by ensuring that financial transactions are well managed, recorded properly and in legal compliance. In addition, we provide finance assistance, analyses and advice to both internal and external customers.

Finance is the County's newest department, being formed in 2004. Previously, all budget and accounting functions were done in the Clerk's office. Instead of abruptly transferring all finance duties with the creation of the department, a gradual transition over time was planned. The first transition was payroll, which transferred in 2004. General Ledger and system administration transferred in 2006 with the implementation of a new financial software system. Budget duties transferred in 2008.

The Finance Department also houses the County Treasurer, an elected official.


Chad Krause, Treasurer

Mike Middleton, Finance Director

Siri Olson, Finance Manager

Barbara Case, Payroll, Human Resources Generalist

Teresa Chavez, Accounts Payable

John Hay, Accounting Clerk

2016-2017 Budget Message

LB 1 2016-2017

2015-2016 Budget Message

LB 1 2014-15

2014-15 Budget Message

2014 -15 Adopted Budget

Requirements (Expenditures)

Resources (Revenue)


2013-14 LB 1

2013 -14 Adopted Budget

Requirements (Expenditures)

Resources (Revenue)

Audit Year End 6-30-14


2012 -13 Adopted Budget

Requirements (Expenditures)

Resources (Revenue)


Audit Year End 6-30-2013

2011-12 Adopted Budget

Requirements (Expenditures)

Resources (Revenue)





Audit Year End 06-30-2012


2010 -11 Adopted Budget

2010 -11 Year End Audit

Requirements (Expenditures)

Resources (Revenue)