County Ordinances


Authorizing Submissions to State Voters Pamphlet 5.11.1988

Authorizing Inclusion of County Ballot Meausres in State Voters Pamphlet 5.10.2006

Designating Commissioners as Non-Partisan 8.18.2010

Law Enforcement and Emergency Services

Rural Fire Protection District Ordinance 9.18.1990

Amulance Service Regulation 12.19.1990

Establising Procedures for the Impoundment & Towing of Vehicles 5.18.1994

Authorizing IGA to Create Regional Jail Facility 10.18.1995

Ratifying Central & Eastern Oregon Juvenile Justice Consortium 3.20.1996

Creating NORCOR 8.7.1996

Criminal History Check Policy 3.4.2009

Amending Impoundment & Towing of Vehicles Ordinance 7.1.2009

Regulating Local Emergency Declarations 2.20.2013

Miscellaneous Ordinances

Ratifying IGA Creating MCCOG 7.1.1992

Providing Control of Insects, Pests and Diseases in Fruit Trees 3.2.1994

Authorizing Loan Contract with Oregon Economic Development Dept. 7.17.1996

Clarifying the Administering of Big Game Habitat 10.22.1997

Service Signing Ordinance 10.11.2000

Providing a Process for Claims 12.6.2000

Creating Quality Life Intergovernmental Agency 6.27.2001

Creating Mt. Hood Economic Alliance 9.7.2005

Authorizing Community Renewable Energy Association 3.21.2007

Establishing GIS Fee 4.18.2007

Non-Discrimination Ordinance 7.11.2007

Social Gaming Ordinance 8.19.2009

Lodging Tax Ordinance 9.1.2010

Delegating Rights of Way Acceptance to County Road Official 4.3.2013

Ratifying the Creation of the Central Oregon Workforce Consortium 11.19.2014


Personnel Ordinance 5.8.1985

Amendeded Personnel Ordinance 3.16.1988

Amendeded Personnel Ordinance 6.8.1988

Amendeded Personnel Ordinance 3.4.1992

Amendeded Personnel Ordinance 9.4.1996

Amendeded Personnel Ordinance 3.4.1998 Part I

Amendeded Personnel Ordinance 3.4.1998 Part II

Planning and Land Use

Uniform Addressing Ordinance 6.29.1988

Amended Uniform Addressing Ordinance 8.3.1988

Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment 1.1.1989

Amended LUDO 2.3.1989

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 4.1989

Zone Change Amendment 5.3.1989

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 5.3.1989

Zone Change Amendment 5.5.1989

Amended LUDO 7.19.1989

Plan Map Amendment 10.4.1989

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 6.20.1990

Urban Growth Area Zoning 7.3.1991

Expansion of the Urban Growth Area 11.20.1991

LUDO Amendment 1.15.1992

LUDO Amendment 8.5.1992

Protecting Accepted Resource Fees 10.7.1992

Joint Management of Urban Growth Area 10.21.1992

LUDO Amendment 1.20.1993

Amendment to CIty of The Dalles Ordinance 3.17.1993

Protecting Farming and Forestry Practices 4.21.1993

LUDO Amendments 5.5.1993

Comprehensive Plan Amendments for Scenic Area 5.19.1993

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 6.2.1993

Comprehensive Plan Amendement 7.21.1993

LUDO Amendment Mineral and Aggreagate Overlay Zone 9.15.1993

Ordinance Protecting Resource Uses 10.7.1993

Amendment to City of The Dalles Urban Growth Boundary 10.20.1993

Comprehensive Plan Zone Change AMendment 11.3.1993

Concurrence with City of The Dalles Periodic Review Order 12.1.1993

Comprehensive Plan Legislative Amendments 5.4.1994

The City of The Dalles Comprehensive Plan Amendments 5.18.1994

LUDO Amendment 7.20.1994

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 10.19.1994

LUDO Amendment for Historic Landmarks Protection 12.9.1994

Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Economic, Social, Environmental & Energy Determinations 7.5.1995

Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Fish & Wildlife 8.16.1995

Comprehensive Plan Amenemdnt in Exclusive Farm Use Zone 7.17.1996

LUDO Amendment for Exclusive Farm Use Zone 9.18.1996

LUDO Amendment to Mineral & Aggregate Overlay Zone 11.13.1996

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 9.17.1997

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 3.18.1998 Part I

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 3.18.1998 Part II

City of The Dalles LUDO Amendment 3.18.1998

City of The Dalles LUDO AMendment 7.22.1998

Comprehensive Plan Policies Amendment 8.5.1998

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 9.16.1998

Adopting and Exception to Statewide Goal 3 5.5.1999

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 5.5.1999

Comprehensive Plan Map & LUDO Map Amendment 6.9.1999

LUDO Map Legislative Amendments 6.16.1999

LUDO Amendments Exclusive Farm Use 6.16.1999

LUDO Amendments 6.16.1999

Comprehensive Plan Map & LUDO Map Amendment 8.18.1999

Comprehensive Plan Map & LUDO Map Amendment 10.6.1999

Comprehensive Plan Map & LUDO Map Amendment 11.3.1999 (99-109)

Comprehensive Plan Map & LUDO Map Amendment 11.3.1999 (99-111)

LUDO Amendment - Transition Lands Study Area 1.5.2000

LUDO Amendment - Tygh Valley 1.19.2000

LUDO Amendment - Wamic 1.19.2000

Exception Area Zoning Amendment 12.15.2004

Comprehensive Plan Amendments Pine Hollow & Rock Creek 12.15.2004

Zoning Ordinance Amendment 12.15.2004

LUDO Amendment National Scenic Area 6.8.2005

Land Use Plan Changes for National Scenic Area 7.5.2006

Zoning Amendment Fire Standards 1.9.2007

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 2.7.2007

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Removing Urban Growth Agreements 2.7.2007

Amendments to Scenic Area Zoning Fire Standards 2.27.2007

Amedments to Zoning Ordinance for Forestry Standards Fire Code 3.7.2007

LUDO Legislative Amendments 10.29.2008

LUDO Legislative Amendments 4.1.2009

Code Compliance and Nuisance Abatement Ordinance 4.15.2009

LUDO Amendment 6.17.2009

Exclusive Farm Use Zone Amendment 7.1.2009

LUDO Amendments - Mosier 9.16.2009

LUDO Legislative Amendments 11.25.2009

LUDO Amendment for Scenic Area 1.6.2010

Flood Hazard Overlay Ordinance 4.12.2010

LUDO Amendment Exclusive Farm Use Zone 7.7.2010

Amended Code Compliance and Nuisance Abatement Ordinance 1.5.2011

LUDO Legislative Amendments 4.4.2012

Planning Commission Rules and Regulations 9.19.2012

LUDO Amendment 3.17.2013

LUDO Amendment 1.11.2016 Time, Place & Manner for Marijuana

Public Health

Ordinance for Enforcement of Environmental Health Program 6.27.2001

Creating North Central Public Health District 9.16.2009

Public Health Fee Schedule 6.6.2012

Creating North Central Public Health District as an Intergovernmental Agency 7.3.2013

Solid Waste

Solid Waste Collection & Disposal Ordinance 2.15.1989

Waste Collection & Disposal Ordinance Amendment 6.19.1991

Solid Waste Franchising & Nuisance Abatement 4.15.1992

Solid Waste Collection & Disposal Ordinance Amendment 3.24.1994

Solid Waste & Disposal Ordinance Amendment 11.13.1996

Uniform Fee Schedule

Uniform Fee Schedule Ordinance 12.20.1989

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 9.18.1991

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 10.7.1992

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 10.19.1994

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 11.5.1997

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 6.12.2002

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 6.11.2003

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 6.9.2004

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 2.8.2006

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 3.18.2009

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 5.5.2010

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 7.6.2011

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 6.6.2012

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 6.26.2013

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 6.25.2014

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 4.15.2015

Amended Fee Schedule Ordinance 1.1.2017