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 Wasco County's 25-person Department of Public Works consists foremost of the County Road Division. We are responsible for the construction and maintenance of 697 miles of roadway (300 miles of which is paved), 124 bridges, hundreds of culverts, and a myriad of other related items, such as signs and guardrail. Road maintenance activities involve pavement maintenance, gravel road grading, ditch and culvert cleaning, brushing, snow and ice removal, bridge maintenance, and sign maintenance.

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Our main facility is located in the county seat of The Dalles. We have four satellite district facilities near Mosier, Dufur, Wamic, and Antelope. Our road network is divided into these five maintenance districts.

The Public Works Building also houses Wasco County Weed and Pest, Surveyors, GIS and the Planning Department.

Who We Are
We are dedicated to providing quality service to our customers - the road users. We think of ourselves as a "Good neighbor county"- we help people whenever we can.

This Department will do everything in its power to ensure the use of a Wasco County road is a good experience.

The Department is built on the premise of maintaining the current county road system. We understand the reality of operating the system of paved and gravel roads within a constrained budget, thus, we know we cannot pave every county road. That said, we continue to do our best to cost-effectively maintain both the paved roads and gravel roads.

We are acutely aware that "the most important road in the county is the one that goes by your front door". Consequently, we strive to keep each "most important road" in great shape - at least as good as the neighboring "most important road".

Our Mission Statement
"We pledge to make Wasco County's roads safe for the traveling public, to the best of our abilities and within our means."