Boards and Commissions

Farm Board of Review
The County Board of Review was established to advise the County Assessor on income-approach factors. Income-approach factors being utilized by a County Assessor in arriving at the values for farm use of farmland under ORS 308A.092 shall be submitted by the County Assessor to a County Board of Review. The Board of Review shall advise the County Assessor as to whether the factors being so utilized are proper under ORS 308A.092.
Current Board of Review
Lowell Forman        Jerry Duling      David Cooper      Rich Remington       Curtiss Mayhew

Wasco County Budget Committee
The Wasco County Budget Committee meets each year to 1) receive the Budget Document 2) Hear the Budget Message 3) Hear & Consider Public Comment 4) Discuss & revised the budget as needed 5) Approve the budget 6) Approve the property taxes.
Current Budget Committee
Board of County Commissioners       Pat Davis       John Carter       Ken Polehn

Wasco County Fair Board
The Wasco County Fair Board meets in the evening once or twice each month throughout the year. In addition to organizing the annual Wasco County Fair the Board is responsible for fund raising, managing projects on the fairgrounds, oversight for Hunt Park, supervision of the Hunt Park caretaker, working with the Extension District/4H and engaging in intermittent repairs and small construction.
Current Fair Board
Chris Schanno       Ken Polehn       Colleena Tenold-Sauter       Cynthia Kortge       Thelma Alsup

Hospital Facility Authority Board
The Wasco County Facility Authority advises on matters relating to the financing of hospital facilities and long-term care facilities by the issuance of tax-exempt bonds which are then repaid from the revenues of the hospital, increases in bed capacity and adds or expands major new facility capacity. The Committee meets as needed.
Current HFA Board
John Mabrey       Dennis Haener       Sidney Rowe       David Griffith      
Jorge Barragon   Scott Hege             William Marick  

Local Public Safety Coordinating Council
(LPSCC) was established by Senate Bill 1145 (1995) to coordinate local criminal justice policy among affected criminal justice entities.
Current LPSCC Councilors
Rod Runyon       Barbara Seatter       Donna McClung       Molly Rogers       Teri Thalhofer       Janet Stauffer
Pat Shortt           Lane Magill              Pat Ashmore            Eric Nisley            Thomas Peachey  Andrew Carter
Fritz Osborne     Bryan Brandenburg 
Coordinator: Jessy Rose

Fort Dalles Museum Commission
The Fort Dalles Museum, a department of Wasco County, is a vital economic and cultural asset in our community. Run by Wasco County and the City of The Dalles, the joint Commission is made up of seven members; four members are appointed by Wasco County and three are appointed by the City of The Dalles for three-year terms. The Commission meets once each month; members are encouraged to volunteer for ongoing projects.
Current Commissioners
Marvin Polehn       Daliea Thompson       Elizabeth Wallis      
Heather Hopkins  Donna Lawrence   Luise Langheinrich

Planning Commission
The Wasco County Planning Commission examines and reviews changes to the Wasco County Comprehensive Plan, Wasco County and National Scenic Area Land Use and Development Ordinances and other documents; makes presentations and recommendations to approval authorities on land use matters; and performs other functions concerning land use, strategic planning, special projects and economic development.
Current Commissioners
Vicki Ashley       Russell Hargrave       Brad DeHart       Kate Willis
Mike Davis         Chris Schanno            Lynne McIntyre    Leroy  Booth

Board of Property Tax Appeals
The Board of Property Tax Appeals (BoPTA) consists of residents of the county and is responsible for hearing taxpayer appeals for reduction of the real market or assessed value of property.
Current Board Members
Scott Hege       Delphene Thornton       Ken Polehn       John Hutchison       Vickie Ellett

Special Transportation Funds Committee
The STF Advisory Committee is an essential component of a successful STF Program. The purpose of the committee is to represent the people who are served by the STF Program. The advisory committee considers how STF funds should be spent and provides the governing body with information about their community’s special transportation needs. The Committee is intended to provide advice to the County in the selection of projects to ensure that the projects will benefit seniors and persons with disabilities.  The Wasco County Special Transportation Funds Advisory Committee reviews grant applications requests and updates on the required Human Service Transportation Coordination Plan.
Current Committee Members
Lee Bryant       Marilyn Richardson       Dave Mason       Louise Sargent      Kris Boler         Maria Pena

Veterans Services Advisory Committee
The Wasco County Veterans Advisory Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month to address issues related to veterans and veterans’ services in Wasco County. They serve as a conduit between local veterans and County government, educating, recommending and advising the Wasco County Board of County Commissioners regarding veterans’ issues.
Current Committee Members
Mark Fortin       Matthew Larsell       Pat Combs       Robert Maxwell       Charles Vaughn       Anita Iken

Wasco County Compensation Committee
The Wasco County Compensation Committee he county compensation board annually recommend a compensation schedule for the county elective officers mentioned in ORS 204.005.
Current Committee Members
Jose Barragon       John Hutchison       Mike Woodside

Wasco County Forest Collaborative Group
The Wasco County Forest Collaborative Group represents a broad constituency of stakeholders interested in healthy forest ecosystems, economic vitality and quality of life in the wildland urban interface with Wasco County. We provide the US Forest Service (USFS) with proposals for management of National Forest (NF) lands, and we support the utilization of forest resources and related opportunities to strengthen local communities.
Current Steering Committee
Kristin Dodd       Jeremy Thompson       John Nelson       Dan Van Vactor       Pat Davis       Rich Thurman
Harvey Long       Ryan Bessett                Ron Schneider    Representative from BARK

Wasco County Weed Council
The purpose of the Council is to 1). Support and advise Wasco County Board of Commissioners and Weed District Supervisor on county weed control programs. 2) Assist in developing yearly weed control district budget. 3) Advise the Weed Supervisor of perennial weed problems. 4) Periodically review the primary and secondary noxious lists and recommend adjustment as needed to the County Board of Commissioners. 5) Assist in outlining an educational weed program.
Current Council Members
Dan Fissell            Michael Omeg       Jerry Duling       Carolyn Wright       John Clausen      
Keith Smith          Sherry Holliday      Ryan Bessette   John Zalaznik
Application for Wolf Depredation Compensation
Click here to open the Wolf Depredation Compensation Application
Applications for compensation to persons who suffer death of or injury to livestock or working dogs that is attributed to wolf depredation as well as compensation for certain missing animals that qualify and/or; financial assistance to persons who implement livestock management techniques or nonlethal wolf deterrence techniques designed to discourage wolf/livestock interactions and reduce wolf depredations (As defined by ORS 603-019-0015) may be submitted to the Wasco County Administrative Offices, 511 Washington Street, Suite 101, The Dalles, OR 97058.