Community Corrections

P&P Deputy Badge 2The Community Corrections office supervises sentenced offenders to ensure their compliance with the conditions imposed by the Court, Parole Board, or Local Supervisory Authority.

Mission Statement 
To create a safer community and reduce criminal behavior and drug and alcohol addiction and abuse by promoting positive change in individuals through a combination of program services, supervision, and sanctions.

What is Community Corrections? 
Community Corrections is a partnership between the Oregon Department of Corrections and Wasco County that serves to provide a cost-effective means to hold offenders accountable while assisting them through the process of changing their criminal behavior. Statewide, community corrections agencies manage over 32,000 offenders who have been placed under supervision by the Oregon State Circuit Courts (probation & local control post-prison) or the State of Oregon's "Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision". Since 1997, each county in Oregon is locally responsible for the management of parole and probation offenders release from custody residing within the county. 

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