District Attorney

Mission Statement:

Our dedicated attorneys and staff are committed to enforcing the law and pursuing justice to make our community a safe place to live in. We will provide the highest quality of services to victims, law enforcement and the citizens of Wasco County.

The District Attorney’s office maintains partnership in legal and practical form with local law enforcement, community corrections, courts, adult and child welfare service providers.  As part of our strategic plan, the office seeks to continue to maintain these partnerships. 

This involves continuous outreach to the many agencies we interact with to complete our work.  We will continue to collaborate with law enforcement at the community, state and federal level.  Our attorneys and staff are members of community teams including the Wasco County Domestic Violence Council, Wasco County Multi-Disciplinary Team for Child Abuse, Wasco County Multi-Disciplinary Team for Senior and Disabled, and the Wasco County Sexual Assault Response Team. Our attorneys provide training and education to law enforcement, the Department of Human Services, Haven, schools, churches, and other community partners. 

Eric J. Nisley, District Attorney
Leslie Wolf, Chief Deputy District Attorney
Sally Carpenter, Deputy District Attorney