Board of Property Tax Appeals

The Board of Property Tax Appeals is a process for citizens who want to request a reduction of the value of your land, buildings, manufactured structures, and industrial machinery and equipment. Property value, not taxes, are the subject of the hearing.

The filing period for the Board of Property Tax Appeals begins after tax statements are mailed in October and closes on January 2, 2018. Applicants must fill out the Real Property Petition Form. The completed form must be returned to the Wasco County Clerk’s office before midnight of the filing deadline.

We also suggest reading the BOPTA Burden of Proof, Evidence and Hearing Procedures flyer to become familiar with the process. While the Clerk's Office will provide assistance with the process, the burden of proof as to why the Assessor's Office value is incorrect is the responsibility of the petitioner.

Questions about the process should be directed to the BOPTA Clerk at the County Clerk's office.